Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blumen Selbstschneiden

For the first installment of, "These are a Few of Mein Favorit Dinge...about Deutschland", series, I want to tell you about Blumen selbst schneiden.  (Flowers you cut yourself).

Every few villages you can spot an open field with bountiful, vibrant, seasonal, flowers, alongside of the strasse.  You cut your own flowers and pay with Euro coins, on the honor system. 

It is a fun thing to do with children, and the photo opportunities are boundless.  Unless of course, you are the mother of mein kinder, who like to run away from the lush rows of Tulpen, straight for the dirt.

Or, try their hand at breaking and entering.

The preis is listed on the sign, on the way in.  Super-cheap for the freshest flowers you'll ever buy!  Knives are provided.  Busy bees are doing their job.  Did you know killing bees is illegal in Germany?

The best part, for this guy, is getting to drop the coins in the slot.

Here is the secret:  Cut unopened tulips.  Many Americans make the mistake of picking tulips mid-prime, on their first visit.  While the open flowers are stunning, they will not last very long.  Our tulips opened beautifully the very next day.  We have had them for almost a week and they are still going strong.  A fresh cut and replacement water helps to extend their life.

Blumen Selbstschneiden - a thoughtful treat for a hostess, a babysitter, a friend or yourself!