Sunday, June 12, 2011

Selbst Erdbeeren Pflücken!

Strawberry picking with friends...a lovely way to start a Saturday! The weather was perfect, not too hot, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.
We even saw some beautiful horses on the way in.

First things first, bring your own basket, and have it weighed before you start picking your strawberries.
It was really exciting to spot big, juicy, red berries hiding under the leaves of the plants.

A few years back, I made the mistake of introducing A.M. to strawberries that were chocolate covered. So now, when I try to serve him strawberries, he always asks, "Where is the chocolate"? I was hopeful this experience in the erdbeeren patch would inspire him to eat the berries, yeah, not so successful.
My little one preferred playing with hay, to strawberry plucking.

                              Which then turned into a messy game.

Ther Germans take their berry picking VERY seriously.  They leave with buckets filled with fruit.

The Boys scouting out the best spot for picking!

When we were finished, F.M. did a celebratory dance on the car.

A rare moment of stillness for my Preschooler.

We stopped at a little spielplatz on the way home.

Where the boys were fascinated that the ground was covered in rocks!  Not sure why I was surprised when I went to change F. M.'s diaper upon arriving home to find hay & gravel attached to his privates.

Water play at an interesting fountain at the park.

A collander full of our berry booty!

A.M. helped me turn 1/2 of our collection into Strawberry/Lime Popsicles!  Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope about getting my guys to eat strawberries in this form!