Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yummy Weekend!

It has snowed several inches in our part of Germany and we are committed to staying at home all weekend!  Also, we are BROKE from ordering oil for our heater, so it helps that we enjoy spending the weekend cooking, baking, playing, snuggling, and movie watching!  On the agenda this weekend:  snowman building - with our new Snowman kit - (what fun!), White Wine Cheese soup cooking, Kalamata Oregano Bread baking, movie-watching, Pumpkin Pie baking (hubby's fave), a bit of sewing (curtains for the kitchen, and MOPS craft preparation), and a teensy bit of knitting (finishing up baby booties for a new baby gift)!

This is my idea of a dreamy weekend at home.  Since we moved off-base into a quaint village named Weilerbach - we have the space to really stretch out and be ourselves.  This makes us want to stay home, instead of run out the door!

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