Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Writing's On The Wall

The inevitable happened yesterday - My older toddler drew on the walls with crayon, (black), for the first time.

Another inevitable happened today.  Same toddler cursed in front of his Speech Therapist (of all people).

She visits our home to work with him once every 2 weeks.  She was putting her high heel boots on, (despite a recent broken ankle,, hello, GOBS OF SNOW ON THE GROUND...but who am I to judge?), getting ready to leave our haus.  Heels are just not a part of this momma's wardrobe these days.  Unless of course they are a chunky wedge, which are comfy, and only worn on the rare occasion, so they don't really count.  Anyway, A.M. proceeds to unlock the gate, and go downstairs to retrieve a few trains, that little brother (F.M.), threw down there earlier.  He stops dead in his tracks on the stairs to admire his black-crayon-on-the-wall-artwork that he colored yesterday.  Then he starts saying, "Damn it, damn it, damn it....", you get the picture, about 13 more times.  UUUUGH! 

A.M. pointing to the "Nemo" that he drew.  I was shocked at how much it resembles a fish.

It isn't as if we run around the haus talking like sailors.  Ok, well my husband IS a soldier, and he IS responsible for my son learning this word.  He will swear to you up and down that this is not his fault.  He stopped saying this word months ago, after he heard, finally, with his own ears, our son repeating it, in the appropriate, (if there is one), context.  Part of the problem is, hubby isn't around during the day when all the uber emabarrassing events occur.  Like when our son is picking hot-fresh-boogies and handing them to his Educational Specialist, or cursing in front of the Speech Therapist, or removing ALL of his clothes at his own Valentine party, and then putting on a naughty show, that I am not going to get in to at this time.  Mommy is the one left blushing, feeling like a crappy parent.

So, this tells me that this word is burned into his little 35 month old brain.  What to do?  How do I erase it?   I've tried reasoning with him, I have tried explaining that it is not a nice word, I have even tried ignoring it - with hopes that it would just go away...sigh.  He is to start school in about a month, it's bad enough that I have to worry about him beating on the other children, let alone sass-talking the teacher.  Perhaps he will learn SO MUCH in school, that he will forget all about this pesky word.  That's my theory, and I am sticking to it.

The Artist with his work.

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