Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hand Stamped Tea Towels Craft

Hand-Stamped Tea Towels - a fun, simple, & inexpensive craft, for Moms & Preschoolers to create together.

Take a tea towel, stamp with fruit, stamps, hands, whatever you desire.  I use acrylic paint rather than fabric paint.  Acrylic paint is cheaper, and frankly, I have an abundance of it.  The way to make it permanent is to heat set it before washing.  This can be done by either ironing it, (under a protective piece of fabric or towel), or to throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes on high heat...(my preferred method)!

 Squeeze out a generous amount of paint onto a plate, wax paper, or a piece of acrylic.  Spread the paint out a bit, creating an even stamping surface.  Use a protective barrier underneath, as some paint may soak through the towel, onto your surface.  Cardboard, newspaper, wax paper are all suitable options.  Be sure to adequately & evenly cover the surface of your stamp with paint.   Foam stamps work particularly well. Press firmly, and gently peel the stamp away from the fabric for a clean image.  If you aren't pleased with the coverage...or one of your stamps turns out to be a can go back in with a paint brush and touch up any problem areas.

The sky is the limit, you can decorate clothing, curtains, pillow cases, aprons...your options are unlimited.  We have an apron that I started collecting hand prints on.  It is a fun place to capture the size of their growing hands.  Their name is written along with their age & the date, in permanent marker.  When they are men, and I am a Grandmother, (hopefully), I can show my grandbabies that their Daddies were once little boys while I am wearing my special apron.

Note:  Do not turn your back for a minute, especially after Preschooler has already had a bath for putting paint in his hair.  Be sure your camera is handy!

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