Monday, March 14, 2011

MESSY MONDAY - Mr. Potatoe Head Style

Mess should be a middle name in our family...rather than Michael, Mary, Mathias, or Macon.  It seems as though we have mastered the art of making a mess.   As best as I can, I try to stifle my inner control freak, and embrace the mess.  We make HUGE messes, (when no one else is looking).  Thank goodness we live in Germany, so we aren't getting a lot of drop-in guests.  Often I look around, and think, "WOW!  If anyone saw this haus right now, they would call Child Protective Services on me". 

This week, I chose to focus on Mr. Potatoe Head, because he spent the most time on our carpet.  Repeatedly, he was found on the floor, nanoseconds after he had been put away. My children love dumping playing with him.  Besides, I did not document the questionably colored poop on my Preschooler's foot and the foot stool this morning, because I was too busy throwing up in my mouth a little cleaning up.

When we owned one Mr. Potatoe Head, I would go insane looking for a missing arm, in a crowded apartment...for days on end.  When I found the missing piece, I felt empowered.  Seriously.  Sick, right?  Don't even get me started on puzzles.  In an attempt to cure myself of this twisted fanaticism,  aka - OCD, I purchased an alphabet puzzle from the thrift store with a missing Z.  What was I thinking? 

My MIL went to Disney World, and filled a box, (that wouldn't shut), with Mr. Potatoe Head parts for $20.  That night, when she went to play with him in the privacy of her hotel room, she realized that she did not buy any shoes or hats.  So she went back the next day and filled another box.  Thanks to her, I have 9874162783641829374 limbs, noses, feet, mouths, eyes, ears & accessories.  So I no longer need to obsess about a missing purse or mustache.  Now, I can spend my time obsessing about more important things, like my childrens' boogers.  Wait, I just noticed that we only have one green Mrs. Potatoe Head earring.

One more thing...everytime my 3 year old tells me he is going to stuff a lot of things into Mr. Potatoe Head's heiney, it makes the 47 times I picked up each and every single piece soooooooooooooo worth it.  Heehee.

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