Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herzlich Geburtstag!

Happy Birthday, to my stepson, who, today, becomes a teenager.  (Gasp).  It is official, I have known you longer than half of your life, now.  We met, the same day I met your father...a day that changed my life, for the best, forever! 

One of my favorite memories from that summer, was when we were all swimming in Grandmom's pool, and you told Daddy that he was too old to go on dates.  "Dates, were for 17 and 19 year olds".  That he needed a wife, and that, "Rachel, looked good".  My heart melted that I met your approval.

We do not get to spend nearly as much time together as family should, but you are always in our hearts and thoughts.  Watching you grow has been fascinating.  One summer you borrowed my flip-flops, the next, you borrowed your Dad's!  By the next time I see you, you will most likely tower over me. 

When I spoke of an eye twitch that had been aggravating me, for over a week, you informed me that there was no such thing as an iTwitch...iPod, iPad, iTouch, but no iTwitch...I thought you were telling a hilarious joke.  Until I realized that you were serious, which made it even funnier.

Flabergasted by the whipped cream that came on the plate with his, "Rahm Schnitzel".

Now I see where your brothers get their, "Danger Boy", antics from.  Awesome.

Thanks for being you.
Your Step-Mom,

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